Head of Contact-center department

Department “Contact-center” is one of the business directions of the company which functions as a full-scale outsourcing Call-center and executes orders of the leading Ukrainian and world corporations.

Contact-center “Garant-ASSISTANCE” was renewed in 2008 and was transferred to new professional platforms using communication technologies and business decisions.

Based on the technical system Avaya Call Centre Elite contact-center has an opportunity to process client requests promptly and qualitatively on all possible communication channels for today and any subject matter. The developed system of analytical reporting and statistics allows our customers to get information promptly, to have possibility to respond efficiently to changes and needs of the market. The executing of orders according to the highest standards of quality ensures by effective methods of staff recruitment, trainings and quality control.

The executing of requests is realizing by widespread European languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Today the main services are:
• Informational lines,
• Telemarketing,
• Assistance lines,
• Marketing and sociological surveys.
However, the contact-center has an opportunity of efficient expansion and is ready to implement projects of any scale and complexity level.