On November 5, 2011 the company “Garant-ASSISTANCE” held an extended meeting of the Ukrainian National Association of Motorcyclists (NAMU). Heads of divisions, National Bureau (executive body) and National Council management (supervisor body) took part in the meeting. Motorcycling season is practically over in spite of rather good weather and relatively acceptable traveling conditions.


The year is almost over, thus it is necessary to sum up the work of NAMU, to analyze what is done, to understand the mistakes, to make plans for future actions. One of the achievements of the association certainly is considered to be the establishing of close cooperation with the partners and their trust and support. The company “Garant-Assistance” is one of the main strategic partners of NAMU with which we have one common goal which is comprehensive help for motorcyclists. “Every driver knows that the road cannot be predicted but he can protect himself while driving”. This thesis is valid both for the activity of a public organization, the goal of which is to protect the rights and freedom of the citizens and an assisting company, the basis of which is the overall assistance for a driver in the situations of any complexity. One of the questions that was highly discussed at the extended meeting of NAMU was cooperation with the contact-center “Garant-ASSISTANCE” according to the program “Motorhelp” as well as to the partner of the program “Motorclub”. At last as it turned out, both NAMU and the company “Garant-ASSISTANCE” have one common goal, which is providing the drivers with the overall help in unpredictable situations and unusual cases that may happen on the road under different circumstances. In general it does not matter for a driver where he will get assistance from either from the public community or some business structure. The most important thing about all this is that this assistance will be fast and necessary. The combination of professional assistance and experience of the volunteers of the public organization is able to bring closer the achieving of the goal, which is safety of the drivers while driving. Perhaps this very cooperation will become the basis for the new standards of relationship between public organizations and commercial structures which will be based not only on material outcomes, but also on social responsibility for human life.




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