Innovations – are ideas and offers (in many cases created on the results on relevant special scientific researches and engineering developments), which may become the base of creation f new kinds of production or to improve consumer characteristics significantly (technical, economic, etc.) of existing goods, creation of new processes, services or something that may improve people’s “quality of the life”.

Our innovations in providing of assistance are:
• slogan – “at first we help the client than we take care with his vehicle”;
• individual approach to each client;
• full responsibility for every obligation taken upon ourselves;
• flexibility in providing of services. In any case we do not limit ourselves to the conditions of rules – we will try to help you in your case any way;

Our innovations in technical sphere are:
• the use of the licensed software, that allows to reduce the time of provision of assistance;
• the system of control for each client who waits for assistance;
• the use of modern European technologies in time of the process of providing services to clients.

It all allows us:
• To ensure constructive, professional and well-wishing servicing, nice atmosphere in time of appeal to our company;
• Daily progress in quality of providing services;
• Maximal easy and cozy procedure of receiving services and after-sales services.

Social responsibility – we concern for the future of our country!
• Garant-ASSISTANCE is Ukrainian company and proud of it. We are tirelessly working to change the life of people in Ukraine for better and help those who are needed it;
• Garant-ASSISTANCE Гарант-АСІСТАНС is guided by high standards of the European business culture and actively promotes it in Ukraine, acts as business model for other Ukrainian companies
• Garant-ASSISTANCE is Гарант-АСІСТАНС is responsible and disciplined taxpayer; we strictly adhere to the legislation of Ukraine, state and international standards in the provision of assistance services.




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