Attention! Services description and other conditions of the Program described in the public agreement (offer).
Made a decision to join with MotoClub, you should surely look through “Rules of providing services within the program ‘MotoClub”!

Accepted the Public offer, buying the program MotoClub and you receive the client’s card.
To buy the program may each owner of the motorcycle since the release of which hasn’t been more than 10 years and which falls under the following characteristic – Two-wheeled or three-wheeled mechanic vehicle with side trailer or without it which has the engine with working capacity 50 cm³ and more, maximal mass of which is no more than 400 kg.

Please activate the program, madding the phone call by number 044 498 60 02 for notifying of Your credentials:

  • Series and number of the card;
  • First name, last name;
  • Contact phone number;
  • Actual address of living;
  • Make and model of the motorcycle;
  • VIN number of the motorcycle;
  • Expiration date of the program MotoClub.

Use services over the time of one year in the territory of Ukraine and Europe (if you have chosen the relevant type of the program!)
Action of the program diffuses to all who drives the motorcycle at the legal circumstances.

Appeal by the phone number 044 498 60 02 to receive informational – consulting services.

In case of the accident or any breakdown of the motorcycle, that makes the vehicle immobilized, appeal by the phone number 044 498 60 02 and you’ll be informed about services, that will be provided and approximate time of executing of these services in 10 minutes.

In time of all phone calls to Garant-ASSISTANCE you will be proposed the service call-back, meaning that the staff of Garant-ASSISTANCE will propose you to call you back in order to save Your money.




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