Law firm “S.P.F.” gives 10% discount to the clients of the company “Garant-ASSISTANCE” for legal services in the fields of civil, family, housing, pension law and other legal services not related to business.

In the field of civil law (consulting, assistance in drawing up (analysis) different agreements, legal support for purchase and sell of apartments and other objects of real estate, plots of land, assistance in making wills, inheritance registration, registration of intellectual property rights, compensation for material and moral damages).

In the field of family law (consulting before marriage, assistance in drawing up marriage contract, assistance in children’s adoption, in case of appearing controversial issues – assistance in divorce, division of marital property, exacting alimony, ascertaining (or rebutting) the paternity fact, obtaining the permission in court for children to travel abroad).

In the field of housing law (protection of housing rights of the apartment tenants, moving a tenant into the apartment whose rights have been violated, or eviction of a tenant who has lost the right to live in an apartment).

In the field of professional support (consulting on the correct calculation of pension and social assistance, drawing up necessary appeals and complaints to local authorities, exaction of appropriate payments in court).


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