Attention! Services description and other conditions of the Program described in the public agreement (offer). 
Made a decision to join with MotoClub, you should surely look through “Rules of providing services within the program ” MotoClub”!

If because of malfunction, accident or other incident, foreseen by the offer, the vehicle is immobilized, participant of the program MotoClub receive the following services:

Roadside assistance service

• If your motorcycle is immobilized as a result of flat battery, punctured tyre or sudden end of fuel, emergency assistance service will help to remove the malfunction in order that you could get the tyre fitting shop (punctured tyre) or to continue the journey.

Towing service

• If your vehicle is immobilized as a result of breakdown, accident or other malfunction and it is impossible to repair it at the place of the incident, you will be proposed the towing service to the nearest authorized garage or to any garage in the region on the territory of which the incident had happened according to the decision of the Company.
• If the motorcycle can’t be repaired within 24 hours and the incident had happened far from the place of living, you may use one of the three following services on your choice.


• If the client wants to wait for the end of the repair he has a right for free (within the limit) accommodation. Accommodation service could be provided when it is possible in the place of the location in those conditions.

Providing of train tickets, bus tickets or air tickets.

• If the client doesn’t want to wait for the end of the repair of the vehicle he will be proposed train ticket, bus ticket or air ticket to continue his journey or to return home.

Replacement vehicle*

• The third possible variant – You’ll be proposed receive the replacement vehicle. The right for using of the replacement vehicle ends with the end of the repair.
• Garant-ASSISTANCE covers only costs for the rent of the vehicle (within the limit) and all associated costs (payment for the fuel, additional insurance payments, etc) must be paid by the client. The client undertakes to adhere to the requirements of the rental agency. Replacement vehicle service could be provided when it is possible in the place of the location in those conditions.
*replacement vehicle service provides at the company’s expenses only to owners of Motoclub Europe 

Taxi service*

• The service provides only for getting to the hotel, airport, railway station or rental agency (according to the ordered service) * service provides at the company’s expenses only to owners of Motoclub Europe

Storage of unrepaired vehicle on the protected parking

• Service provides if the incident and the following towing service happens at night or at the garage’s off hours.

Alternative towing service

• If you want to tow the motorcycle not to the nearest authorized profile garage or garage recommended by the Company, and to any other place, you may use alternative towing service, costs of which we pay within the limit.

NOTE: in the text above the word “Client” means the driver of the motorcycle and all passengers of the motorcycle within rules of the law about transportations of passengers and within passengers places indicated by the manufacturer. This definition doesn’t apply on casual travelers, who travel by hitch-hiking or passengers which are transported for money.

IMPORTANT! To formality the program Your vehicle must falls under the following characteristic – two-wheeled or three-wheeled mechanic vehicle with side trailer or without it which has the engine with working capacity 50 cm³ and more, maximal mass of which is no more than 400 kg and since the release of which hasn’t been more than 10 years.




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