On October 26 – 28, in Vienna, the capital of Austria, the representatives of the company “Garant-ASSISTANCE” took part in the annual conference of European clubs of ARC Europe network, who provide services of technical assistance. More than 200 participants took part in the conference, including the representatives of India, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.


During the planned sessions and elective meetings several questions were discussed. The leading experience of using alternative and renewable energy sources in the automobile industry and the transformation of the accompanying services and perspectives of the “green” and “hybrid” in automobile industry were also discussed. The participants were also informed about the latest developments of the systems of technical condition diagnosis of vehicles that let see the status of a car in dynamic characteristics, including a remote way. Special attention is focused on electric cars and hybrid technology which is not rare and has been in use for a log time in the streets of European cities. Such technology has an immediate influence on the presence of consumer demand for its maintenance and emergency services. Thus, the participants were introduced to view special equipment that allows to solve the problems of diagnosing and recharging a storage battery of electric vehicles, hybrid automobile Honda that uses hydrogen fuel and electric vehicles Smart and Mitsubishi that are already in series manufacturing and are used in everyday life. The CEO of “Garant-ASSISTANCE” Ltd. Shevchenko V.V. comments: “The success of European countries in protecting the environment and using electric and hybrid motor vehicles is undeniable. The success is build upon not only correct “ideological” education of the citizens, but also on the state stimulation of all the processes aimed at reducing emissions, which is building the charging stations for electric vehicles and special parking areas, implementing restrictions on using internal combustion engines or the amount of emissions in ceratin areas of the cities and historical parts, tax cuts to purchase and maintain the vehicles with hybrid and electric motors. We need achievements of environmental approaches and ecological outlook for all types of authorities to make decisions. It will not take much time for the result to appear”.


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